Rising Star Promotions
The ultimate source for NYPD promotional exam study needs - proudly
serving since 2006.

The founders of Rising Star Promotions, while studying for
their sergeant exam, designed a system that incorporated
essential study techniques and learning methods into their
preparatory regimen. Over the course of three highly
successful promotional exams, they continually developed
their system and shared it with their close colleagues. It was
received so well, that the founders held a vision they could
one day share their study material with all other Members of
the Service who also have the desire and dedication it takes
to rise up through the ranks – thus, in 2006, Rising Star
Promotions was born with the goal of providing you the best
study course available.  We aced the 1999 Sergeant, 2003
Lieutenant, and 2006 Captain exams.  Our average final
score on all three exams was 95.140!!!
Edward Carrasco, Esq. - Founder

•   NYPD Deputy Inspector (retired)
•   Juris Doctor, CUNY Law School
•   Master Degree in Public Administration, Harvard University
•   Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, John Jay College of Criminal
•   Bachelor of Arts in History/Associate of Science Degree in Criminal
Justice, cum laude, Saint Francis College
*Deans List
*Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society
•   Graduate of the 25th Session of Columbia University Police
Management Institute

List # 55 -- 1999 Sergeant Exam
List # 122 -- 2003 Lieutenant Exam
List # 5 -- 2006 Captain Exam
Anthony J. Raganella - Founder

•   NYPD Deputy Inspector (retired)
•   Graduate of the 223rd Session of the FBI National Academy
•   Graduate of the 24th Session of Columbia University’s Police  
Management Institute
•   Master Degree in Public Administration, summa cum laude, Marist
*Pi Alpha Alpha National Public Administration Honor Society
*Faculty Award for highest academic average
•   Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science, summa cum  
laude, New York Institute of Technology
*Presidential Honor List
*Nu Ypsilon Tau Criminal Justice Honor Society
•   Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, summa cum
laude, Nassau Community College
*Deans List
•   Author of several published peer-reviewed journal articles and text
book chapter supplements in the field of criminal justice

List # 45 – 1999 Sergeant Exam
List # 39 – 2003 Lieutenant Exam
List # 13 – 2006 Captain Exam
About Us
Brian E. Reilly - Lead Instructor

•   NYPD Captain (retired)
•   Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Saint
Joseph's College
•   Board Certified Physical Security Professional - ASIS International
•   Founder of CommandLogic 360, Inc.
•   Consultant in areas of Medical Preparedness, Emergency
Management, School Safety, and Crime Prevention.
•   Credentialed in rescue & trauma care.

List # 20 – 1996 Sergeant Exam
List # 187 – 1999 Lieutenant Exam
List # 8 – 2006 Captain Exam
Joseph F. Reek - Lead Instructor

•   NYPD Inspector (retired)
•   Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Science, SUNY
•   Graduate of CompStat College
•   CEO of Joseph Reek, LLC
•   Consultant in areas of Security and Law Enforcement
•   Board Certified Protection Professional - ASIS International
•   Licensed NYS Private Investigator
•   Worked with DCAS & NYPD to develop and review promotional

List # 21 – 1988 Sergeant Exam
List # 64 – 1996 Lieutenant Exam
List # 38 – 1997 Captain Exam