Captain Exam
Captain Exam
Course $549
(Test Date is November 29th, 2017)
2017 CAPTAIN EXAM #7544:
Test Date is November 29th, 2017
(weekly lessons start shipping the April 7th, any
missed lessons will come in your first mailing)
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Our 20-week Study-at-Home course
is only $549:
(Includes all access, course materials & postage):
Rising Star will be offering a completely dedicated
Study-At-Home course for the 2017 Captain Exam WITH
the option to attend the Lieutenant Exam Course. Let's call
this what it is: this is NOT a live class captain's course; this
is a live class lieutenant's course that Study-At-Home
captain students can attend at no additional cost if they
As much as Rising Star Promotions would like to do a live
class for the captain's exam, we feel that we would only be
able to conduct one live class well; if we were to run a live
captain and lieutenant course simultaneously, we would not
be able to give both groups 100% and we are NOT willing
to sacrifice your promotion in doing so. Instead, we are
offering the BEST live lieutenant class out there and the
BEST Study-At-Home package for the captain exam.
As a Study-At-Home captain student, your 20-week course
  • Your choice to attend live lieutenant course classes &
    crams, and/or view recorded class videos.
  • Our new Essential Guide for Studiers, in both printed
    and digital versions (this is the best annotated Patrol
    Guide you can get right now, edited to include just
    captain's duties and below along with notes, acronyms,
    study tips, and synopsis/takeaways for the more
    complicated procedures).
  • Over 1,600 of our renowned exam-like questions.
  • Administrative Guide Digest – procedures broken down
    over 20 weeks, along with questions.
  • A synopsis of every active Legal Bureau Bulletin, along
    with questions.
  • In-Basket Exercise
  • Additional study aids posted on WatchDox
  • Miscellaneous testable items, such as the Crime
    Classification Guide, Judgement Scenarios, CompStat
    Math, Grammar, etc -- all with questions.
  • Unlimited Email support.
You get all this for only $549 and everything will be shipped
to your home at no additional cost! The printed Essential
Guide will ship out immediately with any missed lessons,
and electronic access to the digital version will be granted
within 24-48 hours of registration. The weekly questions will
begin shipping April 7th. See below for course schedule and
visit the Lieutenant Exam page for class times/locations.